Lotte Chemical USA Corporation announces leadership changes

News Release

February 7, 2024

HOUSTON – Lotte Chemical USA Corporation has announced leadership changes for its Westlake, Louisiana manufacturing facility which will become effective February 19, 2024. The following changes were announced by LC USA President/CEO CY Kim:

TaeYul (“TY”) Kim

TY joined Lotte Chemical USA Corporation (“LC USA”) in October of 2023.  He brings 22+ years of experience with Lotte Chemical in Korea.  LC USA is officially assigning TY to the LACC, LLC (“LACC”) President role.  In this role, TY will have overall responsibility for LACC’s strategic direction and day-to-day operations.  He will handle LACC’s EHSS, Human Resources, and other needs of the organization.

Mark Peters

Mark has served as Site Executive Director since September of 2019.  Mark will move from a Lotte Chemical USA Corporation employee to join Westlake Corporation.  Westlake Corporation is officially assigning Mark to the LACC, LLC (“LACC”) Executive Vice President role.  In this role, Mark will be responsible for LACC’s day-to-day Operations, Maintenance, Finance, and Procurement.

Steven Parker

Steve joined Lotte Chemical Louisiana LLC (“LCLA”) in July of 2021 as LCLA Plant Manager.  Steve will join Lotte Chemical USA Corporation and take the role of Site Director for the Louisiana plant site.  He will become a member of the LC USA Executive Team.  As Site Director he will have responsibility for site EHSS, Administration, Community Relations, Communications, and oversight for LCLA Operations and shared services provided to LCLA.


About Lotte Chemical USA Corporation

Lotte Chemical USA Corporation (“LC USA”) was founded in 2014 after Korean parent company Lotte Chemical Corporation (“LCC”) sought to expand its footprint in the Americas. LC USA, through its subsidiaries LACC and LCLA, is a producer and distributor of petrochemicals. Currently the Company distributes ethylene, ethylene glycol and other chemicals to clients around the globe.

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