Our Commitment to Stewardship

Stewardship refers to taking responsibility for the business and the effects it has on the world around it. This involves considering more than just the bottom line by looking at elements such as values, ethics and morals. Committed to good stewardship, LC USA manages its resources to ensure we partner with our employees, the economy, our communities, the environment and nature, as well as health and property.

photo of louisiana wetlands

LC USA values the responsible planning and management of resources. As an indication of our commitment to stewardship, when the property designated for the LACC and LCLA plants required the recapture of some wetlands, LC USA established a 211 acre area of wetlands at Phoenix Farms, a $7 million investment to the local area.

LC USA believes wherever it does business, it must consider its responsibilities as a steward for the employees, the community and the environment.


Our Commitment to Our Community

When designing our plants in the Westlake, Louisiana area, LC USA considered aesthetics and noise abatement. We committed to having as little impact as possible to the surrounding area and its residents. We thought about the noise and visual impact and built the plants to minimize these for our neighbors. We created a berm and planted trees along the property line. We used a ground-flare to ensure as much noise recapture as possible. We believe we have met this commitment.

We want to continue to provide products that support our modern lifestyle.

Abrahams Tent event

When it comes to community involvement, we strive to make a positive impact wherever we do business. From providing good paying jobs to supporting local charities, our companies can be seen throughout the areas where we do business. Watch for our employees at local charitable events, as sponsors and volunteers. We support the local communities and take pride in what we have done to assist the cities and towns where we live and work.